Art Cities

| 24 August 2017

The desire to discover a place suspended in space and time, where the Adriatic breeze blows gently from the sea, today is bringing us in the upper province of Rimini in the tiny village Montegridolfo,… Read more >>

| 17 August 2017

In Parma Lowlands, 5Km far from the Via Emilia route between Parma and Fidenza, there is a village where you can savor the slow and quiet life of the Po Valley, its art places and… Read more >>

| 10 August 2017

The rapid drone takes us this week to Romagna to discover a beautiful village of Romagna-Tuscany: in the upper valley of the Rabbi River, only 50km from Forlì, stands on the northwestern slopes of Mount… Read more >>

| 03 August 2017

Overlooking the border with Tuscany, in the middle of Tramazzo valley, rises the medieval hamlet of Modigliana, the house of the powerful Conti Guidi family. Historical Background Modigliana territory was inhabited since the Neolithic era,… Read more >>

| 31 July 2017

On August 14th and 15th in San Benedetto in Alpe, a small village on the hills of Romagna (about 50km from Forlì), you will be able to visit the Benedictine Abbey, which has just reopened… Read more >>

| 28 July 2017

This summer we all have an extra reason to visit the small villages that from the hinterland to the coast decorate the landscape of Italy. The Instagramers Italia Association has just launched a Instagram challenge… Read more >>