Romantic Castles of Emilia Romagna


Romantic Castles of Emilia Romagna

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“I castelli, la arme, i cavalieri e gli amori…”
They seem verses coming directly from the “Dolce Stil Novo” and indeed today we want to list the events and initiatives for next weekend in the Castles of Emilia Romagna. Traditional dinners, aperitifs and, in some cases, special visits which will animate this weekend and the most romantic days of the year, the Valentines Days

But we do not want to waste your time with historical insights and battles and noble Families and we will go straight to the point, listing the events we have chosen for you. But before to start, let we give you some information.
From an official estimate, apparently there are thousands of castles, forts and towers on our territory, most built with defensive function. From Piacenza to Romagna, from the Po river to the Apennines peaks, our region has always been a border land: big castles in the valleys and plains of Emilia, so as the Fortress of Malatesta family.

A veritable list that collect all the castles and historic forts of the Region is still under construction, but if you are interested you will find information at the web site of the Association of Castles of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza, on the ER Tourism web site or in the Rimini province’s pages.

But now, as we promised, we want end up with the ancient histories and check the events for the next weekend.

Fontanellato Castle


First we are speaking of one of the few castles that keep intact the old moat, that makes us appear  the fortress almost as once was. Add that the Fontanellato Castle is positioned exactly in the middle of the town square, so that we will have a strange mixture of porticoes, buttresses and battlements. Just to explore the hidden corners, but also the famous fresco of Parmigianino, Saturday, February 11 is scheduled a special guided tour inside the castle with a dinner-tasting included, prepared with the local Parma products. it is recommended to book the visit.

Gropparello Castle


This fascinating Castle it is right on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Vezzeno valley, about 85 meters of overhanging that make this structures famous and unconquerable. From Saturday, February 11 to Tuesday 14th will be organized a series of very special initiative: guided tours, aperitifs, special Initiatives for lovers and shows.
Even in this case we recommend you to book

Antica Corte Pallavicina


It is one of the most famous Castles of Emilia Romagna, due to be the headquarters of Spigaroli Family, which runs the old fortress from generations and that it is renowned throughout the world for its culinary art.
The Antica Corte Pallavicina today is a jewel and a heaven for foodies: the ancient cellars today host the seasoning of meats, among the most prized in Italy, the old room for cheese maturing has resumed its ancient function and large fireplaces are back burn poplar wood.
Here for the entire month of February, the chef Massimo Spigaroli cuddles the couples with less than 25 years with a really tempting offer and a special menù,  made by traditional products and especially prepared  from the expert hands of a Chef, among the best known in Italy.

Colorno Royal Palace


Pic by Valter Turchi

Here we are  in one of the most beautiful, luxurious and famous Italian Royal palaces. Built initially by Azzo da Correggio it falls in the Farnese family hands and then it was acquired by the Bourbons of Naples.
The Royal Palace of Colorno is still today a palace with rich harnesses, were in fact called French workers from Versailles for the restoration. unfortunately it remain few works among the art pieces once housed in its rooms, in fact, in 1731 Charles III of Bourbon moved the entire collection, that contained works by Tiziano, Correggio, Mantegna and Raffaello, in his palace in Naples.
Saturday 11 and Sunday, February 12th couples that will want to visit the Palace of Colorno will only pay a single ticket, while to all the others it is organized a photo contest called #amoReggia, the will prize the winner with a romantic aperitif in Castell’Arquato, also known as the village of Lovers.



Pic by Carlo Grifone

We just mentioned to Castell’Arquato, a beautiful fortified village of the Arda Valley, also renowned for being the land of lovers. Rather than tell you the story of this ancient fortified settlement, we invite you to go visit it especially in the Valentine’s Days, during which it assumes a very special atmosphere especially for couples who like to get lost in the alleys of this medieval hamlet.


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