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| 06 October 2017

On September 22nd USE-IT Ferrara was presented in Ferrara. What is USE-IT Ferrara? Let us explain better. It is a tourist map of the city designed for young travellers, those who want to discover new… Read more >>

| 05 October 2017

A stone’s throw from the Parma Apennine, the village of Berceto has always been a renowned tourist destination thanks to its mild climate and its proximity to the Tyrrhenian coast and the Cinque Terre. Also… Read more >>

| 04 October 2017

Ravenna is a natural observatory on what happens inside and around the mosaic. Its history and monuments offer an immense both visual and cultural horizon with which a debate seems, even after many centuries, still interesting…. Read more >>

| 03 October 2017

For our section dedicated to the Motor Valley we return this week to propose you a motorway, the Romagna Appennine, made of many curves, green nature and breathtaking landscapes: the Muraglione pass. As good as… Read more >>

| 02 October 2017

Let’s start with the village of Dozza, hinterland Bolognese on the border with Romagna, already known to lovers of street art for its murals and fans of good wine for the Regional Wine Shop; Dozza… Read more >>

| 29 September 2017

On the 22nd of September Autumn officially begun, bringing the first cold, a few grey clouds, its thousand colors and making us quickly forget the summer heat and the hard work done to be ready… Read more >>

| 28 September 2017

Monteleone is a small hamlet of the town of Roncofreddo,  few kilometers from Cesena, with very ancient origins: the first news dates back to 1233, when Monleonis (latin language) boasted a position of advantage over… Read more >>

| 26 September 2017

Whether you travel with family or friends, to go with a camper means to be carried away by a deep sense of freedom and independence. This meaning of travelling is different from the one we… Read more >>

| 22 September 2017

If you say “Ow, I like this sound” what is it that you actually mean by that? You are communicating to your auditors that those notes in the air make Sense to you. It’s something profound,… Read more >>

| 21 September 2017

Nestled in the beautiful landscape of the High Modena Apennines, between the Mounts Cimone, Libro Aperto and Spigolino, Fanano is a small village rich in history. Orange Flag of the Italian Touring Club since 2001… Read more >>

| 18 September 2017

If you think that the arrival of autumn brings an end to out-door trips and that lively evenings are just a memory of summer, you’re wrong! The Foreste Casentinesi National Park is about to start… Read more >>

| 15 September 2017

The period of short sleeved T-shirts and outdoor cinemas is ended and autumn begins with its uncertain weather and explosion of colors. What better occasion, then, for treat yourself an evening at the theatre, to… Read more >>