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| 19 January 2018

Every region of Italy is home to plenty myths, legends and traditions, many of which have their roots in old times. Of course, Emilia-Romagna has its own rituals too, and deep in its culture it… Read more >>

| 18 January 2018

Bologna è una vecchia signora dai fianchi un po’ molli col seno sul piano padano ed il culo sui colli. (Francesco Guccini) Bologna, the capital town of the Emilia-Romagna region, lies in the heart of… Read more >>

| 17 January 2018

Want to enjoy a crazy culinary adventure??!! Watch this segment from the Bologna episode of Season two of Dream of Italy:   Watch the full episode (& discover more about Bologna) here.  

| 16 January 2018

“I was training in motocross when a guy approaches me, asks me a lot of questions, introduces me to his son and then, a moment before leaving tells me: “Anyway Dovizioso is faster!” Marco Simoncelli… Read more >>

| 12 January 2018

Start this year with a scent of hospitality and company, at the upcoming food events you can rediscover the taste of good food and good wine. After all, as it is said in Romagna: A… Read more >>

| 11 January 2018

“Le città di Lamone e di Santerno conduce il lïoncel dal nido bianco, che muta parte da la state al verno”. Dante Alighieri (Inferno, XXVII) Faenza is an ancient city of art, which is traversed by… Read more >>

| 10 January 2018

Bologna is famous in Italy and abroad not only for its gastronomic tradition, but also for its ancient cultural soul. Flagship of the so called Learned City (Città Dotta) is the Cineteca di Bologna, one… Read more >>

| 09 January 2018

“If you want to achieve great things, you need to think big” Enzo Ferrari The Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena delivers a unique and enthralling museum experience and it is one of the headquarters of… Read more >>

| 04 January 2018

On December 14th, in Ferrara, officially opened its doors the MEIS, the national museum dedicated to Jewish history and life, starting from the experience of Italian Jews, who have been an integral part of the… Read more >>

| 02 January 2018

The Epiphany is the sweetest holiday of the year, literally! Therefore, to start the year in the most delicious and amusing way I recommend you some events that will be held in the hamlets and… Read more >>

| 22 December 2017

What would Christmas be without a colorful tree to illuminate the squares of Emilia-Romagna? Today we will tell you the history of this tradition accompanied by the photographic story of the city trees along the Via… Read more >>

| 21 December 2017

In Emilia Romagna there are 20 villages that, despite being in the Apennines, hills or plains and have Roman, Medieval or Renaissance origins, have something in common: they are the Orange Flags villages of Emilia… Read more >>