Diving into music: Beaches Brew Festival


Diving into music: Beaches Brew Festival

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Summer is still a distant moment, and it’s true that it might be a bit too early to arrange anything, but my friends are already looking forward to it. Winter was particularly hard this year and it challenged their resistance. Let’s add the bother of work, family stress, and daily routines, and there you go – you’ll want summer to be here in less than a minute.

I assume we are all in the same boat: reading a few lines about summer and suddenly fantasizing about our holiday destination. But remember who’s writing and that I’ve always let music guide my life. Today I want to bring you on the shores of Ravenna, that will host the Beaches Brew Festival in a few months – 5th to 8th June 2017 – one of the not-to-be-missed appointments in Europe for alternative and independent music.

Edition after edition, printed and online music magazines sing the praises of this festival, a small reality soon got big that in a little time managed to catch the interest of many, both in Italy and abroad, starting from the beach of Marina di Ravenna. Pitchfork magazine included Beaches Brew festival for two years in a row in the list of best music festivals in the world.

Beaches Brew Festival 2016

So what is the key to this festival’s success?

  1.  First of all Music. Hard facts: two stages, vibrating guitars, powerful drums and biting voices, a strong and clear line-up that moves the sound and fun of major events such as the Barcelona Primavera Sound directly on the coasts of Emilia-Romagna on a minor scale;
  2. Then the taste of Discovery. Ok, nothing to say about traditional rock bands, but Beaches Brew is more than that. It’s a festival that bets on experimentation and research. You will hear performers and genres from all over the world. Need for advice? Open up your ears;
  3. it’s a festival on the Beach. Enough said? Park your shoes aside and put your feet in the sand. Behind you the green of the pinewood, in front of you the blue of the sea. No concrete, not even a trace. Take a chance to sunbathe while listening to the soundchecks or to the interviews of the performers under the umbrellas. At night elbow your way through the crowd and dance until dawn at the rhythm of the Djsets;
  4. it’s Free. Just pay for drinks and food, and be ready to enjoy the night! You can meet people of every age and gender. Forget the stress of big gigs and endless queues. Everybody is smiling and having fun, enjoying the sun, sea, and sound.

That’s the key to success, and that’s where its serendipity lays. You start with the idea of a festival and end up in a great beach party, with your friends, good food, amazing drinks and perfect music. You’ll feel at home.


Davide Marino was born archaeologist but ended up doing other things. Rational – but not methodic, slow – but passionate. A young enthusiast with grey hair

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