Bagno di Romagna and game fishing


Bagno di Romagna and game fishing

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Bagno di Romagna is a little cosy town lying on the Appennine mountains. It is the ideal destination for a relaxing holiday as it can offer visitors  history, wellness, wild nature, tasty food and religious meditation. You can walk on getle paths into the wilderness of the Casentinesi Forest National Park with its nature, abandoned villages and hiking trails, enjoy the pleasure of hot water and beauty centres, taste great recipes: the ones from worldwide famous chefs and the ones served in the warm environment of a family business; let your soul be inspired by the century old monasteries that are on the most remote crest of our mountains.

Lago fei PontiniIn addition to that you can also enjoy Lungo Lake, Pontini Lake. These are relaxing places and a true paradise for sport fishing fans. These lakes have been created in the middle of the 19th century by the fall a huge mudslide of rock from the Monte Comero.

Surrounded by age-old chestnut groves and at the main destination of many itineraries for hikers, or by bicycle or on horseback, the two mirrors of water are particularly frequented by fishing fans. The abundant population of trout, carp, tench, and pike, allows fishermen to experiment with different techniques all year round, from spinning to carp fishing, and even fly fishing.

For those who love fishing in the mountains, in the territory of Bagno Romagna there is Acquapartita Lake. This lake is also located on the slopes of Monte Comero, but at a higher altitude which gives the water all the same features of lakes in the High Apennines. There are two types of fishing for which it is famous: long distance fishing, which can be done in the bed of reeds of the central island, ideal for fishing amur carp, and bank fishing, very profitable due to the many carps of every size that populate this area.

Acquapartita lakeThose who come to the banks of Acquapartita Lake, which also offers a rest area for campers and, from June to September, every Saturday morning, a little market, will encounter a very particular environment.

The natural lake that appeared in the 1700s, was managed by a person with the obligation to make sure it did not dry up, or, in other words, go away. One of these people, however, did not uphold his duty and the water went away, until at the end of the 1800s, when the lake was artificially filled, creating a place with a very original toponymy.

For fans of competition, there is also he Lakes Park – High Comero Society which quite frequently organizes game fishing competitions on all the lakes in this region.
To fish in any lake in the region, you must have a permit, either daily or for half a day, which can be bought directly on the edge of the lakes, from the fishing wardens.

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