Art Deco – Forlì and the 1925 style


Art Deco – Forlì and the 1925 style

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The 20’s taste included in the Italian and European art production during the second decade of the last century, inscribed by an eclectic and frivolous lifestyle, rich and elegant, always looking for amusement and good living. The narration of a luxurious middle class, that needed a new and unique style, in the period between the end of the First World War and the 1929 Economic Crisis, and has rewritten painting, sculpture, architecture other than fashion and advertisement models. From Picasso to Matisse, from Lhote to Schad, many artists that described this époque and its living in many artistic ways like Cubism or Futurism, in the 20’s and 30’s of the 1900 century.

Forlì exhibits in the great location of its Musei San Domenico, from February to June, the first exhibition entirely dedicated to this historical period, entitled “Art Deco Gli anni ruggenti in Italia”.

A partial view of the Italian artistic production, during the ages when the Industrial Revolution was changing the world,  creating new art trends like the attraction for mechanisms or gears, geometric paintings, awesome symmetry, and high speed motored means of transport like fast cars or planes.

The same allure of the atmospheres that you loved watching the Hollywood transposition of the Great Gatsby of F.S Fitzgerald, in the last century Italy thanks to great artist like Galileo Chini, painter and potter, or great masters like Vittorio Zecchin and Guido Andloviz, the enlighting systems of Martinuzzi and Venini, the potters by Gio Ponti, amazing sculptures by Adolfo Wildt and Arturo Martini, other than Ravasco’s golden works and Finzi’s silver, the Faenza masters Domenico Rambelli, Francesco Nonni and Pietro Melandri, many other artists and works, all elements of the “Made in Italy” that was putting its base, today synonym of excellence and high quality all over the world.

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