Art exhibitions in Emilia Romagna: the whole summer calendar


Art exhibitions in Emilia Romagna: the whole summer calendar

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The month of June in Emilia Romagna is usually associated to the opening of the Riviera, the afternoon walks at the park or on the hill, but it is also one of the richest months of events and openings dedicated to the art of all the year. From the shapes and colors of Joan Mirò to Fotografia Europea Festival and until the mechanical  art of Formula 1, the Emilia Romagna opens its most prestigious venues in June to make it a place for art exhibitions.

To help you better in the many art events, as web Team of Emilia Romagna Tourism we selected six appointments, six events ranging from classical art to new multimedia installations, from Super Cars to POP Music.

Reggio Emilia – Fotografia Europea Festival


Fotografia Europea Festival

There is no need for presentations for Fotografia Europea Festival, an event dedicated to photographic art that has come to its XII edition. The theme of this 2017 edition the direction has chosen is “Map of Time Memory, Archives, Future” and the artists were called to testify with the images their critical and creative approach to the archive as a synthesis between the idea of history, memory, reading of the present and vision of the future. Fotografia Europea Festival this year offers more than 30 shows on the official circuit and hundreds of events, meetings and conferences of the circuit OFF.

Bologna – Joan Mirò + Vincent Van Gogh


Joan Mirò – Bologna

The city of Bologna, usually known as the regional capital of Art, this summer hosts two great art exhibits: the exhibition devoted to Catalan artist Joan Mirò and the multimedia exhibition devoted to Van Gogh‘s genius. Until the September 17th in the magic location of Palazzo Albergati [Via Zaragoza 28 Bologna] tourists will find Joan Mirò’s fantastic colors and shapes: painter, sculptor and ceramic among the most important of the 20th century. Over 130 works will tell the artistic journey of Miró through the outstanding loans of the Pilar Foundation and Joan Miro Foundation in Majorca.


Van Gogh – Bologna

After its success in Australia, United States, Russia the great Multimedia Exhibition dedicated to Vincent Van Gogh also came to the city of Bologna. The exhibition “Van Gogh Alive – Experience” is hosts in the impressive spaces of the former church of St. Mattia with a multisensory experience that offers the opportunity to enter the works of the Dutch painter. Synchronized with a powerful soundtrack, more than 3,000 large-size images will create an electrifying design that will fill giant screens, walls, columns from the ceiling to the floor, immersing the visitor in bright colors and intense detail that characterize Van Gogh’s style.

Forlì – Art Decò


Art Decò – Forlì

A taste, a fascination and a language that comes from the twenties of the last century. A worldly, eclectic, international lifestyle that between the two world wars has profoundly influenced the aesthetics and the perception of the following century. The exhibition devoted to Art Decò is setted up at the Forlì San Domenico Museums and it is not only an extraordinary aesthetic experience but also a discovery of the 1900s society, with its new myths and new habits that will soon leave the place to the dark horizon of Totalitarianism. The Déco taste was a public and private style with cinemas, train stations, theaters, transatlantic and public buildings, as well as the great residential bourgeois who sought to forgot from post-war atrocities. A stylistic form, clearly recognizable today, which has influenced the production of decorative arts during the 1920s at different levels, and which is now back to top among the graphics and design of the big brands of the web.

Piacenza – Guercino


Guarcino – Piacenza

Until the June 4th in the beautiful frame of Palazzo Farnese in Piacenza, you can still admire the exhibition of the famous eighteenth-century painter Giovanni Barbieri, also known as Guercino.
Guercino is one of the most talented Italian artists of the eighteenth century and one of the most singular and curious characters in the history of art. If you are lovers of mystical and aesthetically strong experiences, we suggest you not to miss the opportunity to admire the frescoes of Guercino in the Cathedral of Piacenza which for the occasion will make possible possible to climb inside the dome of the Duomo in order to see closely the works of the Painter.

Imola – La Formula 1


Formula1 – Imola

Gears, perfect mixtures of materials and fluids with a single goal: blow air as fast as possible…
Who has said that Formula1 will not be considered an art?
In Imola, the seat of the historic car race, they have this opinion and until June 12th at the Checco Costa Museum of the Enzo and Dino Ferrari Autodrome you will be able to admire the exhibit “Imola Formula Uno 1963-2006: A Continuous History“: an fantastic travel when cars were still mechanical crafts and pilots were almost heroic figures challenging the laws of physics. The exhibition will welcome you with historic race cars, such as the cars driven by Juan Manuel Fangio and Schumacher, and with a special section dedicated to the MotorValley stables such as the legendary Minardi of Faenza, today Toro Rosso, who each year collects passionate and fans in its unforgettable Minardi Day.


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