A taste of Po


A taste of Po

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Piacenza and its province: the place where art and culture embrace wine and food traditions, where suggestive ancient villages meet the magic of ancient castles. Transform your trip into a relaxing visit with a sprinkle of DOC wines from Piacenza valleys accompanied by the intense but delicate flavours of its typical dishes.

To discover the territory in all its beauty, why not try some routes to taste the flavours of Piacenza land? Along the Road of Wine and Flavours towards spiritual and cultural paths to discover old villages, ancient Roman roads and pilgrim’s ways.
For sport addicted there are numerous routes on foot and by bike along valleys to discover

the ancient roads linking villages. Other itineraries are dedicated to those who prefer horse riding through narrow paths, roads and panoramic views. Last but not least, a perfect mix of relax and nature gliding by boat along Po river.

By the way, “A Taste of Po” is the fifth edition of the Food Festival that celebrates the authentic tastes from Po river. Recipes from an ancient tradition with a touch of modernity, especially made by the group of fourteen eating houses involved (restaurants, eating houses, farm houses), until the end of March, in the seven municipalities on the Strada del Po e dei Sapori della Bassa Piacentina.


Typical dishes from low Padana Valley, served in this special occasion only, with products from local farms on Strada del Po. As typical products, they vary according to the season.

More info info@stradadelpo.it

Let’s star with a simple recipe: Bacon and peas

Ingredients: 500 g of fresh or canned peas, 500 g of Piacenza bacon cut into small pieces, tomato sauce or peeled tomatoes, onion, butter, salt.
Serves 4.

Preparation: Brown the onion with the butter, add 100 g of minced bacon and fry for 5 minutes; add the peeled tomatoes (or sauce), cook for another few minutes and add the remaining bacon cut into pieces. Eventually, pour the peas into the pan, moistening them often with spoonfuls of water and complete the cooking. Serve piping hot.

Wine suggestion: Bonarda frizzante dei Colli piacentini

LA TURTA AD MANDURL (la torta di mandorle)

And for dessert: Almond cake


(for 6 people): 500 gr flour – 300 gr. almonds – 300 gr sugar – 300 gr butter – 3 egg yolks – grated lemon rind


Peal the almonds, that you have previously put in boiling water for some minutes, chop them finely and toast them in the oven with 150 gr sugar, then let them cool. Meanwhile beat the butter with the remained sugar, add 3 egg yolks, the flour, the grated lemon rind and the almond mix. Grease a suitable cake tin and bake in warm oven for about 45 minutes then let the cake cool for 10-15 minutes, remove from the tin and spread with vanilla sugar. Serve cool. To obtain a softer dough, add to the ingredients the whipped egg whites.

Buon appetito!


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