5 music tracks for St Valentine’s Day in Emilia-Romagna


5 music tracks for St Valentine’s Day in Emilia-Romagna

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St Valentine’s Day is coming fast, we can smell the taste of love in the air, when all the lovers are ready to prepare presents for their partners, organizing incredible surprises, or a day/weekend in the name of love in Emilia-Romagna!

What are you saying? Cupid has lost his aim? You didn’t prepare anything? Neither a present?

The Emilia-Romagna Tourism staff will help you, without a magical ward, but with a nice playlist of music that can give you the right spirit to surprise your partner or creating a romantic atmosphere!


1- Whitney Houston – I Will always love you

This is what we call an “evergreen”, one of the most famous love tracks all over the world! Whitney talks about a real strong, immortal and proud love, eternal like the Este Castle in Ferrara, real hearth of the city, that creates the right romantic atmosphere for you and your partners.


2 – Antonello Venditti – Ricordati di me

None in Italy can’t resist to start to sing this song, some words or the melody. The Italian singer asks if you can see something over the sea, and probably if you are in Rimini you will have many answers, where the sun crumble to sea brighting it with red, yellow and orange rays of sunshine, the perfect place for a kiss.

3 – The Beatles – Love me do

A really basic track, with easy words that come from the heart, symbol of a truly love, without excessive or disapproving gimmick. Simple like the Torrechiara’s Castle geometric lines, few km from Parma, eternal fortress like your love for the partner.

Halloween in Emilia Romagna

4 – Ben.E King – Stand by Me

If all you need is walking holding you partners’ hand, you can stand by him/her in Brisighella, one of the most beautiful hamlet in Italy. The Donkey road is waiting for you, with its suggestive atmosphere, creating the perfect background for a declaration of love!


5 – Lucio Dalla – Anna e Marco

The last but not the least is this incredible Italian song made by one of the most important songwriter in Italy. Dalla talks about a couple of young lovers, running away from the suburbs, coming to the city to have love during a silent night. Does the author probably talk about his city, the always beautiful Bologna?

Bologna, ph Andrea Venturelli


Appassionato lettore di fumetti passa la sue giornate combattuto tra retro-gaming, maratone del Signore Degli Anelli e serie tv dei primi 2000

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