4 certain ingredients of the Emilia Romagna’s holiday


4 certain ingredients of the Emilia Romagna’s holiday

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Christmas holidays are coming to Emilia Romagna! This is the perfect occasion to spend your time with your family, between cosiness and unconditional love, with good food and all the other ingredients of a perfect winter holiday!

The ERT staff wishes you a merry Christmas with 4 ideas to enjoy your holidays in Emilia Romagna, land of good food, nice people and the best entertainment 😉



The Emilia Romagna Xmas tradition has an important culinary component! If you want to defeat the Winter cold you can take a cup of soup, full of tortellini, cappelletti or savory passatelli. If you prefer a dry pasta, lasagne are an interesting way to taste our lands. There are also many holidays’ desserts: from the Modena’s Xmas cake to the Reggio Emilia’s Xmas tortelli. You can find our special menù with a click HERE



In Emilia Romagna you can find many ways to enjoy the music experience: the Xmas chorus is always suggesting and able to create the right holiday’s atmosphere. Rimini hosts many interesting events, including chorus all over the famous villages around the city. You can find the program HERE. In Ferrara you can enjoy the original jazz atmosphere, with an intimate sound that can heat your winter holidays. Find the program HERE and try to be fast, the jazz experience is going to end 😉



A lot of gifts under your Xmas tree is the better way to star your holidays! If you are late to buy gifts for friends and relatives, you can enjoy the Emilia Romagna Christmas markets. Though the streets and villages of the entire region, stand these suggestive street markets where you can find interesting ideas for your gifts:  nice handmade crafts, traditional food and related products, vintage clothes or other thing that create and happy atmosphere in Emilia Romagna.


festività 2016 natale

Emilia Romagna is a land full of entertainment, from the Apennines to the Adria Coast, but during the Winter holidays makes it best! If you want to spend a romantic holiday you can enjoy one of the many thermal spots of the region. The relaxing thermal waters will help you to remove all the stress. For a person who likes arts we will invite you to visit the many interesting art exhibitions of this period, from the classics to the contemporary experiments. Always funny are also the Nativities of Christmas, authentic element of the Emilia Romagna’s Xmas tradition. You can find nativities made of sand or salt, moved by hundred of people or mechanical, placed on a boat or in a cave…suitable for all tastes! If you have children you can also bring them to one of the many ice rinks of Emilia Romagna. Between pirouettes and exhilarating falls you will spend a nice day with relatives and friends.

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